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Argentina Travel Information

Argentina Travel Information

Buenos Aires of course is a must and I think everyones  starting point for the country. Be ready to listen for some fast spoken Spanish and good steaks. And very late nights as nothing happens until the sun has well and truly gone down. Siesta means don’t try shopping in the afternoon except on Florida Street. Here you can get just about anything you desire and need. Most shops have at least one person who speaks English. It is worth putting in the effort to learn a few words of Spanish before you head here or to any country in South America.I personally found Argentina to be 3rd world, more so than I expected. Their cars tend to be very old and the streets away from your main tourist areas are dirty. There is considerable pollution and packs of dogs roaming the streets at night.Having said that, the night life is certainly there for the party goers and it is not unusal to get picked up at 4am to be taken to the night clubs.There  is no shortage of hostels in Buenos Aires or any of Argentina, and loads to do, whatever your interests. The most talked about of course is Iguazu Falls. Take you time and do them over 2 days as it can be so hot there.

Dont forget that Argentina is a big country and there is something for everyone in places like Mendoza and the much talked about cold place ( to me anyway ) Ushuaia. If looking for something warmer head to Mar de Plata. Remember if you are there in the summer holidays this place will be packed. There’s the Pampas region also, which seems to go on forever.  Buenos Aires is the ideal place to catch a ferry over to Uruguay.

Travel Tips for Argentina

  • Learn a little spanish before you get there.
  • Look out for gel or anything vile being thrown over you. They then try to come to your rescue with water, meanwhile a second person is robbing you.
  • Guys, and girls to, take only the money you need when you go out to the clubs. If you are silly enough to try walking back to you hostel, chances are very high you will be robbed. If your drunk, which we know you will be, get a taxi!!
  • Dont believe everything they tell you. Organize your own flights and buses as they are very good at telling you the wrong time to catch them. Go to my links page to find airlines and booking engines.
  • Take a night bus from Buenos Aires to wherever. They are pure luxury. Hot meal, movie, alcohol. Wide leather seats that recline right down and pillow and blanket provided. Breakfast in the morning before you get to your desination. I love them. Their airline however, has missed the boat on this sort of service. Honestly, they are the best I have come across in the world.
  • If you go to Puerto Iguazu, make sure to jump over the border to Brazil and visit Itiapu Dam. Its provides 78% of Paraguays power and 26% of Brazil. It blew my mind. So worth the visit but most travellers havent even heard of it. (More on this under BRAZIL )
  • Get some throat lozengers for Buenos Aires. Very polluted and your throat will be constently sore.
  • Visit the one and only true foreign exchange in Puerto Iguazu. Its fasinating and will change any currency in the world. It is the only one I have come across.
  • Get out into the less visited places like La Cumbre where I went. Its north of Cordoba and in the 18 years the hostel owner had been there I was the first kiwi to stay.
  • Most certainly go have a steak. There are as great as they say!!
  • Be in line for the ATM by 8.30am. By around 11.00am the machines have run out of money. If you intend to ride the buses keep hold of your coins, they are in short supply, and no change is given on the buses.
  • Look out for dog poo when you step into the street in the morning.
  • The footpaths are very narrow in Buenos Aires so if you need to step off onto the road to get past people, LOOK BEHIND YOU. The buses and cars run extremely close to the kerb.

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