Greek Islands – God’s Natural Paradise

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Greek Islands are the most visited places in Greece. Believe it or not there are about 6000 Greek Islands but not all of them are inhabited. Crete is the biggest island located in Aegean Sea. Euboea Island is second and is just 60 m separate from the main land with narrow channel of water-Euripus Strait.

Lesbos and Rhodes are two more that we can separate like large islands. The rest of Greek Islands are smaller and are grouped into 6 clusters: Argo-Saronic Islands, Cyclades, North Aegean Islands, Dodecanese, Sporades and Ionian Islands. All information about Greek Islands and names you will find on Wikipedia.

Nature, Sun and Pantai Hits di Raja Ampat is perfect for a great getaway. Some of them were created from past volcanoes but about 200 of them are inhabited. In most of them you will find traditional Greek food. It has a wonderful taste prepared from the citizens of the Greek Isles. You will hear traditional Greek music which has soul in it and it will move you to try Greek Dance. Here in a small traditional restaurant you will get a warm welcome-KALIMERA with a smile.

Greek Islands – explore your senses

Of course you can visit all Greek Islands with ferries or pick one of incredible cruises. If you have yacht you can explore all of them by yourself. There is a place for your yacht on Greek Islands. Almost on all Greek Islands you will find lovely, but also and luxurious apartments and resorts. It will happen that you will not like to go outside from them.

You will drink morning coffee near the pool over the sea. You can enjoy in beautiful sunset dinning with your partner. Walking through small streets and shopping is unique pleasure. Evening parties are unforgettable for young people.

The best Greek islands to visit are: Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Zakynthos, Rhodes, Paros, Corfu, Naxos, Kos, Kefalonia, Samos, Ios, Milos, Syros, Patmos, Sporades, Skiathos, Hydra, Skopelos, Chios, Lefkada, Ithaca and the other you can find on site Visit Greece-Greek Islands.



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