Lagos The Perfect and Stunning Holiday Retreat

Lagos The Perfect and Stunning Holiday Retreat

Book your cheap flights to Lagos and have a summer of a lifetime. Fell in love with every inch of this beautiful city and forget all about your everyday routine life as you relax in this paradise on earth with your loved ones. Lagos has everything to make sure that your vacation is nothing less than ideal and summer is definitely the most perfect time of the year to visit this stunning city. When in Lagos you must visit some of its most beautiful locations. Let us guide you through:

Ponta da Piedade is one of the most splendid beaches of Lagos. This is one of the best locations to enjoy the marvelous Mediterranean. Ponta da Piedade is a picturesque place with beautiful landscape marked by clear skies, blue water and water drenched cliffs. When on this beach side you can spend your time swimming in the clear waters or sun bathing. Strolling by the beach side is also a very relaxing activity. You can walk to the cliffs and see their caves and enjoy their vegetation. You can also take boat rides into the sea to the cliffs that are drenched in the water. A day spent at Ponta da Piedade will be a very fine and relaxing experience.

Camilo Beach is another amazing and gorgeous beach at Lagos. This beach is a very nice place to go in late afternoons as you can enjoy swimming and watersports there. You can also try boating in the sea by hiring the small boat. There are many restaurants and bar located by the beach side so you can join them in the evening for dinner and dancing. You will love how these places spring to life and sun drowns into the water. All of the eateries at the Camilo Beach serve sumptuous food and the location is brilliant for a very romantic and memorable dinner. The bars are also very well kept offering wonderful facilities.

When you get cheap flight deals to Lagos, visiting Parque Zoologico de Lagos (Lagos Zoo) is also a must. The zoo is made into a very calm and peaceful setting. The landscaping is brilliant and stunning. There are many areas created for monkeys, birds and waterbirds. You can watch these animals live in artificial but very well-maintained habitats. The music playing in the background of the zoo adds to the serenity of the place. You can enjoy bird watching which is one of the most loved activities at the zoo. You can also feed the monkeys.

To try some land sports in Lagos try playing golf at the Onyria Palmares Golf Course which is a 27 hole championship golf course facility. If you love to play golf then you can hone your skills in the game otherwise you can enjoy the amazing clubs this golf course has. You can also sit and admire the game of people who join each evening to play golf. Book your cheap flights to Portugal or now and hurry to the Wisata Lampung Terbaru to experience the countless wonders of this beautiful city. Lagos ensures a very refreshing getaway that keeps you on your toes.