Mexico City: Travel To The Most Family Friendly City In The World

Mexico City Travel To The Most Family Friendly City In The World

It is surprising that although Mexico City is the most family friendly city yet it has failed to find a place in the itinerary of families planning vacations. It is one of the biggest cities in the world and if you are planning to have a holiday with your family then you must consider traveling to Mexico City as you are definitely going to enjoy the experience. The destination is so promising in terms of providing an enriching family holiday experience that you are sure to come back again to relive the enchanting moments you spent with your family in Mexico City.

Mexico City although has a great historical background is draped completely in modernity. A person who wants to have a holiday which is in line with the modern trends then there are plenty of options available. The place has some of the best restaurants serving both local and international cuisines. The culinary spread appeals to almost all traveling to the Mexico City from different parts of the world. The night life of Mexico City can also be rated as one of the best available. You have everything you want in this city. You have mariachi clubs, British-style pubs, romantic hideaways for young couples; and sports bars to keep you busy and entertained. The adults or couples visiting the place for holiday are guaranteed to have an amazing vacation.

Mexico City has number of tourist’s spots which families love to visit. The Chapultapec Park is one of the oldest parks of the city. It is a very big park located at the center of the city. It has retained most of its old grandeur. It has been renovated at places to keep up with the changing trends of society. Your children will find the trip to this park exciting as it has lots of entertainment for kids. The park has number of cotton candy vendors which keeps the sweet tooth of your children happy. There are clowns to entertain your children. Children are fond of animals; therefore, a zoo is also present within the park. You can also take a metro to the ‘grasshopper’ station. There are also rowboats available on rent. This park offers complete entertainment for your children. It has everything which a child may want to see and have fun with.

Your family can also have some fun at the zocalo. You can enjoy the programs presented by the Aztec Dancers. There are several troupes performing dance dramas on ancient Aztec rituals. Your children can see the complete rites of the Aztecs in the form of a dance show. The dance is a form of wild dance with huge feather headgears and loud drumming. You can also get to know the culture and history of Mexico through the Ballet Folklorico which is also a kind of dance. A visit to the Archaeological museum is also included in most of the travel itineraries.

Mexico City has endless holiday options for your family irrespective of the fact whether you are looking for a high-end luxury or budget vacation.