South America Travel Archive

Where to Purchase a Cheap Trip to New York From?

The term ‘cheap’ is a relative term and so what one person may think is cheap the other may regard as being

Peru Travel Information

Hot on the coast and cooler in the Andes. There is, like all countries in South America, lots to see. Lima itself

Ecuador Travel Information

This country is so easy to get around with buses from the main bus station in Quito going to every destination in

Columbia Travel Information

This is also another country I love to visit and have been to twice. People think that it is rather dangerous to

Chile and Easter Island Travel Information

This is one of the countries of South America where the Police can be trusted.  Good thing to know if you run

Brazil Travel Information

Another land of such contrast simply because of its size. Beautiful beaches, inviting cities and of course that huge area called the

Bolivia Travel Information

Oh I love Bolivia.  I think it is the people that just seem to draw me in. They are very poor, but

Argentina Travel Information

Buenos Aires of course is a must and I think everyones  starting point for the country. Be ready to listen for some